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Uelmen Stays in West Bend


Assistant principals Dave Uelmen (right) and Ralph Schlass work together in the main office on Wednesday morning.

By Shelbie Proudfoot, Current Staff

Assistant principal Dave Uelmen is no longer leaving the West Bend School District. Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign?

Compass Sign (1)-001

By Mike Smale, Current Staff

Students and staff are now welcomed into the high schools by new, positive signs.

Assistant Principal Dave Uelmen describes the new signs, which are posted in hallways and other common areas, as being all about optimism. “Instead of saying in the hallway ‘don’t run, don’t tell, don’t hit’, it’s framing expectations in a positive way,” Uelmen said. Continue reading

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Going Yard


By Mike Smale, Current Staff

There’s an oasis of green in the middle of the high school, yet many students don’t even know that it exists.

“We have a courtyard?,” said Ryan Schuppie, East senior.

The school courtyard, which is surrounded by the school on all four sides, has been an abandoned place for several years. Soon, however, the courtyard will begin to see life again. Continue reading

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Cheating Scandal Rocks Advanced Placement Math Class


By Miranda Paikowski, Current Staff

Cheating is never a smart move, but it’s especially unwise to attempt to fool a statistics teacher.

Rebecca Carmichael, a West math teacher, unraveled a cheating scandal in her AP Statistics classes in January. The scandal resulted in at least 22 students being accused of using an answer key found online to better their semester exam, and every AP Stats student was required to retake the assessment. Continue reading


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School Assembly Will Target Drug Abuse

Recovering addicts are among those scheduled to speak

By Alex Kopish, Editor in Chief

The West Bend high schools will hold an anti-drug presentation for students on Jan. 28. Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear


The rumor mill was in full force following last week’s student-led protest march.  The Current staff writers Kara Conley, Miranda Paikowski, and Mike Smale separate fact from fiction.

Rumor: The march was a success, as it led to the school returning to seniors the right to create a wall mural and attend the Every 15 Minutes program in spring.

Fact: The riot did not result in these decisions. The official decision to once again make both juniors and seniors the attending classes for the Every 15 Minutes program was made prior to the hall pass uproar. “I had been thinking of changing the participating grades from juniors and seniors to juniors and sophomores. This was simply a proposal, and I was already leaning towards keeping it the way it has been,” said Ralph Schlass, assistant principal, in an interview with Miranda Paikowski. According to Schlass, he had decided a few days before the riot to have seniors participate once again. This announcement, although made on Thursday, was not related to the march whatsoever. Continue reading

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