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A Tennis Fulfilled Life

By: Jenise Fehring

Gina Gambucci swingin’ to State!

I had the opportunity to interview Gina Gambucci on her life in tennis! She has qualified for State in singles! She is a senior at East High School and also plays soccer.

Q1: How long have you played Tennis?

Since I was three years old.
Q2:  How many times have you qualified for state?

Twice. Last year and this year.  I went to sectionals three years though.

Q3: How did you take the news that you made it that far?

I was obviously really excited and really proud that all my hard work paid off.

Q4: What is your favorite thing about tennis?

The competitiveness. There is nothing better than being down in a match and fighting back. Even if you lose, you know you didn’t go down without a fight.

Q5: How do you think your season went on a personal level and as a team level?

Personally I am happy with my season. I wish I could’ve put on more of a show at State but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I am so proud of my team. Last year as a team we won one meet and this year I think we won four or more. We have a lot of good freshman coming next year so, I’m excited to read about how well they are going to do.

Q6: Who were your biggest rivals, besides the East vs. West competition?

Personally? My other biggest rival was probably from Menomonee Falls. Just because she’s really good and I knew it would be a good match.

As a team I’d say Oconomowoc, Slinger, and Hartford

Q7: Why do you like this sport so much?

Because everyone in my family has played forever. It’s hard not to like it. Plus with my dad owns Pleasant Valley Tennis Club I’ve been exposed to it forever. And I’ve put so much time and effort into it if I didn’t like it would all be a waste.

Q8: Who was your biggest encouragement?

My dad for sure. He knows everything there is to know about tennis. We get frustrated with each other a lot but he has never given up on me.

Q9: Who do you look up to for tennis?  Any celebrity player?  Why?

I like watching professional tennis but I can’t say I look up to them. I know I’m not going to be a pro. I look up to my dad and my brother. The things they have done are realistic to me and within reach so I strive to work towards that rather than an unrealistic dream.

Q10: Did you do any rituals to get “pumped up” for your matches?

No, not really.  I knew if I played to my highest potential that I could hang in there with anybody.

Q11: What is the best advice ever given to you for tennis?

There is no time limit for a reason. Regardless of how much your losing by you have all the time in the world to fight back.

Q12:  What are some down sides to this sport?

It’s all mental. It’s really easy to beat yourself up about because nobody is out there to pick you back up. Plus it’s really easy for the other person to get into your head. Not to mention how physically exhausting the sport is.

Q13: What is your most memorable moment you have had thought this sport?

State last year and winning first round and seeing how proud my team and everyone was of me.

Q14: Will you continue to play tennis in college?  If so, where would you like to play?

I’m not going to play for a university. If I play it will be on the club team, which is still competitive, but not as much of a time commitment. If I do that I will play at Madison or Minnesota.

Q15: What will you miss about your high school tennis career most?

My team.

Q16: If you had the chance would you do it all over again? Why or why not? If so, what would you change?

No. I am satisfied with everything I did. I don’t think I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe a couple matches but that’s not what matters in the long run.

Q17:  What would you say to your classmates, future tennis players, all your coaches, and everyone that has had team spirit and has helped you along the way?

I would say, thanks for everything and that they were a part if my success just as much as I was. And that I can’t wait to see all the amazing things my future team will be able to do.

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The New Sub

By: Jenise Fehring

Mr. Packer man himself

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Butters on his new job as a district substitute. He has been teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biology classes for the past seven weeks!

Q1: Why did you get into teaching?

My family has teachers in it, and I like coaching.

Q2:  What do you like about your job?

Every day there is something new.

Q3: How do you like teaching in West Bend?

Awesome! The people here are very helpful, and the kids are fun!

Q4: What will you miss about our Human Anatomy and Physiology class the most?

Getting made fun of everyday in class, also, it’s very easy going and relaxed, they weren’t too serious.

Q5: Will you come back and substitute for us?


Q6: Why are you so obsessed with the Green Bay Packers?

Because John Kuhn is the coolest person.

Q7: Who is your favorite Packer player?

John Kuhn! He is amazing and a really cool person.

I met him and he was cool.

Q8: Who were some of your role models?

I had good high school teachers. My mom was a teacher, and I mostly looked up to a lot of teachers.

Q9:  What is your most memorable moment of teaching?

Doing the Sprite and Banana challenge in front of 7th hour!

As you can see, Mr. Butters really enjoyed teaching us! He is a great teacher, and I hope to have him for more classes in the upcoming year! We will miss you Mr. Butters!

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