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Crash Course

Every 15 Minutes program asks students to confront the dangers of drinking and driving

By Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief

While hundreds of students looked on, West Bend East High School teacher Jeff Rondorf was taken away in an ambulance.

The Every 15 Minutes program took an unusual twist this year by including a faculty member in its plotline. Rondorf, a business education teacher, “died” on Friday due to injuries sustained in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The events were not real, but they simulated the graphic realities of such an incident. Continue reading


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Challenge Accepted

By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

Talk about the ultimate all-sports all-star.

Dennis Ziegler, the new East athletic director, has committed to a year-long challenge. He has extended an invitation to all East sports teams to give him an athletic challenge, and he will fulfill that request at their practice for that day.

On Tuesday, Ziegler joined the boys varsity soccer team for a pk5 shootout, acting as both a goalie and a shooter. He previously ran with the girls cross country team, running eight Decorah Hills, and joined the girls volleyball team by performing a five-ball drill with them. Continue reading

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The Current View: Summer Highlights 2016

What’s the most interesting thing you did over summer?

logan-woods“So I was out at around 11 at night and we were looking for turtles. I had seen them underneath a rock and so I put a stick underneath the shell and I grabbed it by the tail. We measured the shell, and it has to be 12 inches, and then we took it back. We ended up making turtle soup out of it. The meat is pretty tough, so you have to slow cook it, but it was pretty good. I would recommend it. ”
Logan Woods, East senior

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