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Bobcats and Bricks


High schoolers reminisce about Barton Elementary School

By Beth Williams, Current Staff

The Bobcat will soon become extinct in this area.  No, not the animal – the mascot of a local elementary school.

After the current school year is over, Barton Elementary School will close as part of the district’s restructuring plan. This school, which has been open since 1923, has served numerous generations of students, or Bobcats.

Many Barton alumni now attend East and West High, and they still carry childhood memories with them.  For a majority of its former students, Barton was not only the place where they received their first education, but where they made their first friends, too. Continue reading

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Wiggle Me This: The Case of the Vanishing Lunch Seats


Dale Jung, Inventory Receiving Coordinator, replaces weak bolts in a lunch table as part of an on-going project to stabilize the round seats.

By Holly Williams, Current Staff

It was just an ordinary school day for East sophomore Megan Swope until she went to the cafeteria to find that her normal lunch seat near her friends had simply disappeared.

“I had to go and sit at another table,” said Swope. “It was really lonely.”

Occurrences like this one have been happening often this school year. Increasingly, many of the cafeteria tables in both East and West are losing one or more of their round seats. The cause of this epidemic, however, may not be limited to a single issue. Recently, several explanations have arisen as to why the valuable seats have been vanishing. Continue reading

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