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New Law Is Long Overdue



State lawmakers deserve praise for allowing advanced middle schoolers to earn high school credit

Birkeland - Editorial Pic - ResizedBy Alyssa Birkeland, Current Staff

We are taught from a young age to do our best in school and try to excel above the crowd. This is hard for some, but it comes naturally for others. It would seem to be common sense that those who are ahead of the pace get an equitable reward for their efforts or talents.

That reward was finally recognized by the state legislature last month. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill March 14 at Badger Middle School that grants seventh and eighth graders high school credit for high school courses that they take. The signing was attended by lawmakers, the school board, teachers, and about 40 students that will benefit from this.

Since numerous middle school students already take such classes, this new law serves a valuable purpose. Continue reading

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