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Wellness Wednesdays

Students can sign up for sessions about reducing stress

By Justin Scherzer, Current Staff

For a short time, students can put aside the stresses of a traditional school day and prioritize their personal wellness.

Several teachers at the West Bend High Schools are leading a new Wellness Wednesday program that allows students to sign up for sessions focused on relaxation, fun and the betterment of their mental health. Through the use of the online tool FlexiSched, students can opt to participate during their normal Wednesday resource time. Over the last two months, eight courses have been offered by teachers from both East and West High. Continue reading

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Find Your Cupcake

Confessions of a Teenage Mind

It’s important to remember to bask in life’s little joys

By Isabel Krueger, Current Staff

It seems that my days are such a rush of commotion that my brain only has time to ask, “Where should I start?,” or, more accurately, “Where am I right now?” Continue reading


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