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Music Department Surprised by Budget Changes

Officials say teachers should continue their programs as planned

By Samantha Dietel, Editor in Chief

By the time orchestra director Seth Matuszak learned what his budget was for the year, it was nearly spent. Continue reading


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West Staff Gives Back to the Community

Book-giving event is just one of many planned service projects

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

For the West Bend West High School staff, the ‘giving season’ began before a single Christmas ornament was prematurely sold.

On Tuesday the West staff hosted a book-giving event in the West Library. Prior to the event the school ran a book drive lasting from October to November. During this time over 2,000 books were collected, which were then offered at the book-giving event. Local organizations Family Promise, Boys and Girls Club, Friends Incorporated, Youth Treatment Center, and the Youth and Family Project attended the event, with an open invitation to their clients. Continue reading

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West Bend Teacher Invited to Symposium

By Bailey Schultz, Current Staff

Tanya Lohr is thrilled about her upcoming trip to New York.

Lohr, a West Bend West High School social studies teacher, leaves today for New York as part of an American Geographical Society fellowship. The event will take place Thursday and Friday, with Lohr returning home Saturday evening. Continue reading

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Peace, Love and Understanding


Confessions of a Teenage Mind

Candlelight vigil against hate was a positive first step

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

As a child, my favorite game at sleepovers was always “Would You Rather.” I even had a go-to question: Would you rather go backward in time, or forward?

My companions would almost always say they’d rather go to the future. They already knew how the past went, after all, and they wanted to learn something new: who they’d marry, which country would first plant its flag on Mars, who the first female president of the United States would be.

I was, and still am, anxious when I think of the future. Because of this, I’d always counter my sleepover pals and explain to them why traveling to the past was a much better choice.

Now we have, and I know I was terribly wrong. Continue reading


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Mrs. Lohr Goes to Washington


West teacher was at the White House Egg Roll when an armed threat occurred nearby at the Capitol

By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

When the office of a senator calls, you answer.

Tanya Lohr, West social studies teacher, received a call March 25 from the office of Sen. Tammy Baldwin as she and her family were traveling to Washington, D.C. to visit her brother over spring break.

“They were like, ‘We just got tickets for your family to go to the egg roll at the White House, would your family like to attend?,’ and I was like oh my gosh… So our whole van was just yelling and screaming, we were so excited,” Lohr said. Continue reading

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