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Schauered with Duties

By Noah Mintie, Current Staff

The complex math of engineering is difficult, but equally difficult is managing a classroom in your first year of teaching.

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Student Inventors Detangle the Chromebook Disaster

WBHS has implemented a solution designed by two seniors

By Rachel Gergetz, Current Staff

After struggling for years with misplaced Chromebooks and tangled cords, two West Bend East High School students decided to invent a solution. Continue reading

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Engineering? Try Men-gineering

By Rachel Gergetz, Current Staff

When Mattie Zautner enrolled in engineering, she decided to prove she belonged.

The significant ratio of girls to boys in technology fields is an issue that is present all over the country, and this evidently does not exclude the West Bend High Schools. There is a significantly smaller number of females than males enrolled in WBHS technology classes, with the exceptions of digital media and graphic communications. One notably divided class is engineering. Continue reading

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Ten Days That Shook My World


Confessions of a Teenage Mind

What happens when a high school junior gives up her smartphone?

NO-PhonesBy Isabel Krueger, Current Staff

I had been seeing this everywhere: Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube—people giving up their phones and challenging themselves to be productive for once, or at least since smartphones were invented. I find this ironic, considering I learned about the idea by repetitively clicking on the same apps that I had opened less than one minute before. But why not? After feeling like less than my usual self for the past several weeks, I figured that a detoxifying technology cleanse may be just what I needed, like a cold splash of water in the face.

The Rules

  • I allowed myself email through any desktop computer or laptop for both academic and vital communications.
  • Any use of social media was strictly prohibited. Continue reading


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