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What’s the Meaning of Death?


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If any of you at home have been keeping up with a little show called The Blacklist, you’re probably aware of what went down in the 18th episode of season three. A major character died and, naturally, forums for The Blacklist exploded with discussion.

Denial and shock on one hand, praise and credit on the other. Typical responses to this sort of thing.

However, The Blacklist’s controversy isn’t the only controversy to crop up in the television sphere. A certain AMC post-apocalyptic zombie fest recently had a similarly executed finale that has gained no less of a storm with its fans. Continue reading

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Feed Carl to the Walkers


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The Walking Dead tackles the concept of post-apocalyptic living in a zombie-filled environment rather well, but as its Season 6 premiere on Sunday approaches, let’s talk about an annoyance I have with the series. An annoyance that is like a rusty cheese grater whittling at my ears. This overly masculine cheese grater is named Carl, or “Cooooarl,” if you are going by Rick’s pronunciation. Continue reading

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