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It’s in Their Blood

When the Blood Center of Wisconsin asked for help, WBHS anatomy students answered the call

By Priyanka Trivedi, Current Staff

As southeastern Wisconsin is running low on blood, the West Bend High Schools’ anatomy classes are coming to the rescue.

After Slinger High School dropped out of their annual blood drive due to construction at their school, West Bend science teachers David Clark and Kara Petzold decided to create a blood drive revolving around the anatomy classes they teach. Each student in anatomy class is responsible for bringing at least one person to donate blood, taking over Slinger High School’s obligation of donating at least 100 pints of blood to the Blood Center of Wisconsin. Continue reading

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‘It’s a Giving Time’: Blood Drive 2017

The West Bend High Schools Student Council hosted their annual blood drive today in the south gym by partnering with the Blood Center of Wisconsin. Both students and staff turned up to donate, along with some community members as well. This year’s theme was ‘Superheroes.’ Below four of the superheroes explain why they chose to donate.

I donated because I have O blood and I figured it’d be a good idea because everyone gets it. I hate needles, but I still decided to do it. This is the one thing where I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’”  
Samantha George, West senior

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Bloody Wednesday

Gerald Moris

Gerald Morris, East freshman, donates blood on December 11.

By Hannah Johnson, Current Staff

WBHS set a school record at December’s blood drive, collecting 499 pints of blood.

The goal for this year’s drive, which was held December 11, was to break the record for largest blood drive in Wisconsin.  Though this goal was not achieved, the 499 donated pints set a new local standard, and represented a 17% increase over last year’s total of 426 pints.

“We still hold the largest high school blood drive in the state which allows teenage students to have the opportunity to donate,” said Matt Hoffmann, faculty adviser of the WBHS student council. Continue reading

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Make Every Day This Summer Count

by Jenise Fehring
volunteerThe school year is winding down, and kids in school are eager to have summer vacation. What are you doing? Going to visit family in a different state? Taking a road trip with friends? Going on a cruise or vacationing at a tropical destination? What are you going to do with yourself for thee months off of school? There are plenty of things to do, but so little time, right? I suggest getting a part time job and make some money; save it for college and maybe spend a little of it on yourself. I would also recommend doing something that you enjoy, but I also say: go volunteer! Continue reading

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