Make Every Day This Summer Count

by Jenise Fehring
volunteerThe school year is winding down, and kids in school are eager to have summer vacation. What are you doing? Going to visit family in a different state? Taking a road trip with friends? Going on a cruise or vacationing at a tropical destination? What are you going to do with yourself for thee months off of school? There are plenty of things to do, but so little time, right? I suggest getting a part time job and make some money; save it for college and maybe spend a little of it on yourself. I would also recommend doing something that you enjoy, but I also say: go volunteer! Help out people in need. Visit the elderly and talk with them or make a difference in a little kid’s life by being a mentor. Your summer doesn’t have to be boring for all of the 90 days. Live a little, have some fun, and make each day the best day ever!

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Volunteer at your local church
  2. Volunteer at the Washington County Fair/State Fair/Summerfest/Action in Jackson
  3. Volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club
  4. Volunteer at a local Nursing home (reading to the elderly, playing games/cards)
  5. Volunteer at Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  6. Volunteer at the YMCA
  7. Volunteer at the Hunger Task Force
  8. Coach  a team/referee
  9. Donate blood at the Blood Center of Wisconsin
  10. Volunteer for Special Olympics
  11. Volunteer for the Red Cross
  12. Clean up a local trail, highway, beach, or park

Check out the Volunteer Center of Washington County for more opportunities:

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