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Closing Time


Director of school nutrition hangs up the apron

By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

Managing the biggest restaurant in the county is a huge task, but Lynne Gross has been doing it for a long time.

As the director of school nutrition for the school district, Gross is the brains behind the school breakfast and lunches.  However, after a 33-year reign, Gross will retire at the end of the school year. Continue reading


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Stuffed Crust Pizza Coming Soon


Taste test results have already altered the lunch menu and cafeteria vending machines

By Alex Kopish, Current Staff

Wouldn’t it make your day to see your favorite meal on your lunch tray?  Or your favorite snack in the cafeteria vending machines?

In February, about 200 WBHS students made their way after school into the West cafeteria to taste test samples of 14 items that were new to the kitchen.  These new foods—such as burritos, pizzas, soups, and much else—needed student approval and suggestions.  The students’ opinions impacted the new menu. Continue reading


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Wiggle Me This: The Case of the Vanishing Lunch Seats


Dale Jung, Inventory Receiving Coordinator, replaces weak bolts in a lunch table as part of an on-going project to stabilize the round seats.

By Holly Williams, Current Staff

It was just an ordinary school day for East sophomore Megan Swope until she went to the cafeteria to find that her normal lunch seat near her friends had simply disappeared.

“I had to go and sit at another table,” said Swope. “It was really lonely.”

Occurrences like this one have been happening often this school year. Increasingly, many of the cafeteria tables in both East and West are losing one or more of their round seats. The cause of this epidemic, however, may not be limited to a single issue. Recently, several explanations have arisen as to why the valuable seats have been vanishing. Continue reading

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