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Ready to Dive In

COVID-19 will not cancel this year’s Dolphins show

By Norah Johnstone, Current Staff

This might be Bridget Pfiel’s second year coaching Dolphins, but it’s her first show. 

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Dolphins Game Show


The theme for the 2019 Dolphins synchronized swim program was “Dolphins Game Show.” The program ran last weekend in the West Bend High Schools natatorium. These photos were taken Saturday by Olivia Langdon, Current Staff.

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Dolphins Make Waves at School Board Meeting

Synchronized swimming team successfully petitions the district to overturn lighting directive

By Mattie Zautner, Current Staff

Over 60 dolphins swam into the last school board meeting.

Members of the Dolphins, the West Bend High Schools’ synchronized swim team, crashed the April 9 school board meeting to persuade district officials to allow the natatorium lights to be turned off during their show scheduled to open just three days later. Traditionally the show depends upon a darkened room for effect, but this school year the team had been notified that the lights could not be turned off for safety reasons. Continue reading

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