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Thiesfeldt Will Focus on Education

Former teacher will serve a fourth term in the Wisconsin State Assembly

By Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief

State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt has always had a passion for politics and education, and he had a chance to combine both those interests as a government teacher at Fond du Lac High School.

Now, Thiesfeldt will continue to translate his educational positions into policy. He was re-elected to a fourth term as the Republican representative for Assembly District 52 on Nov. 8. Continue reading

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A House Divided Against Itself


By Alina Prahl, Current Staff

Gabbie Becker again flipped over the Trump magnet on the fridge, much to her mother’s chagrin.

As with the country as a whole, the 2016 presidential election has divided the Becker family. Gabbie, an East senior, has reservations but prefers Hillary Clinton, while her mom, Paula, a West Bend real estate agent, plans to vote for Donald Trump. Continue reading


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This Election Shows Why Millennials Need to Be Informed and Serious


hannah-bensen-editorial-picBy Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief

Last week, a high school library aide was prevented by school administration from setting up an information table regarding the 2016 elections.

The display would have equally included books, bumper stickers, and buttons for the Democratic and Republican nominees in the elections for president and US senate. The intention was to educate students, not endorse a candidate. Continue reading


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