Thiesfeldt Will Focus on Education

Former teacher will serve a fourth term in the Wisconsin State Assembly

By Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief

State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt has always had a passion for politics and education, and he had a chance to combine both those interests as a government teacher at Fond du Lac High School.

Now, Thiesfeldt will continue to translate his educational positions into policy. He was re-elected to a fourth term as the Republican representative for Assembly District 52 on Nov. 8.

“I felt incredibly blessed that my constituents ratified the stances I’ve taken and the issues I’ve endorsed by giving me the highest percentage of votes I’ve received (compared to) my previous elections,” Thiesfeldt said.

Some of Thiesfeldt’s bills include the Child Credit Protection Act, which protects children from having their identity stolen. Another bill restored the power for communities to decide the content of sex education instead of the state. He also was involved in the deregulation of pepper spray.

During Thiesfeldt’s forthcoming term, he plans to focus on education, specifically by expanding the state’s voucher program. In the past, Thiesfeldt has been chairman of the Assembly Education Committee and he hopes to continue in this position come January.

“Ultimately, I want all of our schools to be strengthened,” Thiesfeldt said. “I’d like to see parents trusted with the choice of education that they want their children to have and that the state supports that choice and get to a certain level of accountability for dollars that the state is allocating for types of schools.”

“Ultimately, I want all of our schools to be strengthened.”
– State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt

As for his own educational path, Thiesfeldt graduated from Kettle Moraine High School in 1985. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Martin Luther College in 1989. He enjoyed taking theology classes there, which emphasized personal responsibility and improving communities. After teaching for several years in Fond du Lac, he successfully ran for the City Council before deciding to take his career to the next level as a state representative.

“It was a slow development to this point, and all the things I did along the way were, I see as, God’s guidance leading me to the point that I’m at now,” Thiesfeldt said.

Although Thiesfeldt has enjoyed meeting his constituents as well as legislators with diverse perspectives, he does not expect to stay in politics forever.

“I strongly believe that this is not a lifetime job,” Thiesfeldt said. “I fully intend to go back to teaching some day, but I’m just not exactly sure when that is going to be.”

(This article also appeared in the Washington County Daily News.)

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