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Whistler’s Bother


What’s the deal with the notorious East Whistle?

By Beth Williams, Current Staff

Walking through the hallways of the West Bend High Schools, one is frequently greeted with a barrage of noises: the slamming of lockers, the whispering of gossip, and the scuffle of students’ shoes as they rush to get to their next class on time.

One of these various sounds, however, has gained quite the reputation. Continue reading

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Gay-Straight Alliance Criticizes District

District has not responded to letter sent in November

By Lauren Sorensen, Current Staff

Two WBHS students have accused the West Bend School District of not acting lawfully.

Bonnie Briggs, president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, and Erica Gilhuber, the club’s vice-president, both signed a formal document voicing concerns regarding an advisory committee for the district’s human growth and development curriculum. Continue reading

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