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No Return for Exam Exemptions

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

Exam exemptions will not be back this school year.

With the removal of Galileo testing, an opportunity arose to restore an old West Bend High Schools policy regarding semester exams. Continue reading

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District Adopts New Testing System

Galileo replaces Gains and EOCA assessments

By Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief

This year students found themselves on a computer as they began the process of assessing their skills at the beginning of a new school year.

The new testing format is called Galileo, and it is done on a computer. At the high schools, Galileo replaced last year’s Gains and End-of-Course Assessment (EOCA) tests to measure pre, mid, and post skill level. Galileo is also being used at the elementary and middle schools. Continue reading

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Greymont Explains What WBHS Hopes to “Gain” from Standardized Tests

Office Beat Logo - ConleyFor many students, high school seems like continuous standardized testing.  But students have actually been assessed this way since elementary school.

“High school, for the first time, is really experiencing what elementary school has been doing for the past 20 years,” said Bill Greymont, WBHS principal.

The next set of Gains tests will be taken the week of April 6-10. Different subjects will be tested each day. Sophomores will take the Aspire test April 28-29; freshmen will take it April 30 and May 1.

Greymont addressed why students are taking multiple standardized tests each year in an early March interview with The Current. He explained the purpose of these tests so students can understand why they need to be taken, from the administration’s perspective. Continue reading

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Testing Culture Discussed at Local Forum


By Lauren Sorensen, Current Staff

The national conversation about standardized testing came to West Bend earlier this month. Continue reading


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Why I Don’t Take the Gains Tests Seriously


The Gains tests are a series of ACT-style assessments given in every class at WBHS. According to the district, these tests are used by teachers to adapt instruction to address gaps in student learning.

I don’t take the Gains Test seriously for a number of reasons. There are a multitude of standardized assessments that students are required to endure, semester after semester, on some occasions taking the same one for multiple classes. These tests, designed to measure academic growth of the student body, are not only irritating but a blatant waste of perfectly good time, filling class periods that could (and should) be spent doing anything of a more productive nature. One could argue that taking one or two days out of an entire semester to take a test for the good of the school does little or no harm, and that’s perfectly valid. The time spent isn’t excessive, and the tests are little more of a nuisance to most. What I’m most concerned with, however, is not the actual tests but what they stand for. Continue reading


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