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The Current View: Tuesday Schedule

Last week the West Bend High Schools announced that the schedule on Tuesdays will be adjusted to ensure students receive the proper number of instructional minutes. The new schedule starts March 6.

How do you feel about the elimination of early release on Tuesdays?

Personally I don’t think it makes that big of a difference, it’s only 20 minutes. But I’d like to know how this was overseen, because it’s kind of a big thing, how many minutes you go to school. So how did we not realize this earlier?”
Libby Willkomm, West junior

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The Walking Students

Is hallway wandering a problem at WBHS?

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

Lately passing time has extended beyond the customary five minutes.

When the bell rings, signifying the end of a class period, students at the West Bend High Schools are given five minutes to report to their next class. During class time the hallways are expected to be mostly clear, with only students carrying passes allowed to walk the hall. However, many students and staff members report an apparent increase this year in “wanderers,” which are students roaming the halls when they are supposed to be in class or in a supervised location. Continue reading

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The Current View: Hallway Wandering

How do you feel about students roaming the halls during class?

It doesn’t really affect me, except for the kid who goes around knocking on doors.
Caitlyn Klostermann, East senior

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Hallway Pass or Medieval Flail?

By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

It is common knowledge that high schoolers are not world-renowned for their self-control. So when handed a wooden pass with a long lanyard, it is only natural for them to start swinging.

West Bend students are not immune to this temptation, and numerous examples of this behavior can be found in the WBHS halls on any given day. Some students and teachers feel that the restroom passes have become a danger in the halls. Continue reading


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