The Current View: Hallway Wandering

How do you feel about students roaming the halls during class?

It doesn’t really affect me, except for the kid who goes around knocking on doors.
Caitlyn Klostermann, East senior

Lack of security in our halls is a chronic problem and safety concern.”  
Gail Rathsack, East English teacher

It really becomes a problem when they are making excessive amounts of noise. The ones that are oftentimes out there are not only in a place where they’re not supposed to be, they are also not really respectful of the people around them and that makes it kind of a hassle.
Michael Kieser, East social studies teacher

“It’s annoying when I’m trying to work and somebody is in the hall talking. It’s okay if it’s only one person going to the bathroom, but it’s disruptive with a group of people talking in the hall.”
Nathan Zick, West ninth grader

Too many students are not in class and wander the halls or hide around the school because there appears to be little consequence to not being in class. There are few who enforce the rules regularly because it is such a large problem. It will not be solved until all staff, students and parents are all on the same page as to expectations of student conduct and the consequences of failing to meet those expectations.
Brian Mohs, West science teacher

Our school expectations are to be in class during class time. Most difficulties and issues during the school day arise with people wandering the halls.”
Christopher Susnik, West math teacher

Interviews and photos by Megan Fischer, Andrew Jung and Jessica Steger, Current Staff.

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