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Which Makes Thee Startle: A Story of Mice and Men

WBHS takes steps to combat vermin after mice sightings

By Kaitlyn Von Behren and Gabrielle Diaz, Current Staff

The East Library has a new mascot: The Sun, a small mouse often seen scurrying for a crumb or in between book aisles.

Mice have been seen roaming the West Bend High Schools since early August, most commonly found in the West science area, the East Library and the Nifty Nibble, which is the student-run campus restaurant. The mice are sometimes dead and sometimes alive. The most recent sighting of mouse droppings was today in the West social studies area. Continue reading


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DeLain Answers Burning Questions

Firefighter Inspection 1

Paul DeLain, West science teacher, offers fire safety advice at the Aldstadt home on Dec. 1.

By Kathryn Aldstadt, Contributing Writer

On Oct. 20, at approximately 2 a.m., my neighbor’s house went up in flames.

Even though everybody safely exited the house, it still left our neighborhood in shock as we wondered how we could protect ourselves from horrific incidents like this in the future. Continue reading

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