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Disaster Professional Weighs In


Michael Faragher received his B.A. in Disaster and Emergency Management from the American Military University in 2012. He graduated from West High in 2001.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the incident in the West Bend High Schools in the past 24 hours. Having not been a student there for nearly 14 years, I heard about it indirectly, but I did get to see my fellow alumni voice their opinions, and immediately forget they did worse when they were in the same position. In 1999 or 2000, we attempted to organize a walk-out in solidarity with the teachers against the administration. I was hauled into the vice-principal’s office, and when I told him I hadn’t distributed the fliers I’d made yet, he visibly relaxed and said they were very well done. Apparently, if that happened yesterday I may have been arrested. But I’m not here to discuss the ways I think the school might be mishandling some things, I’m only discussing how they’re mishandling one thing: this situation. Continue reading


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