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A Path for Political Discussions in the Classroom at West Bend


According to definitions in “The Political Classroom,” West Bend is a politically diverse community [1] (Hess, Mcavoy, 2014). What that means is there are different points of view of sufficient magnitude from the community and parents to detect political bias in schools and the political power to stop it. As you can imagine, “Like minded schools” had no trouble implementing politics in the classroom as only one point of view was allowed, and parents who do see bias do not have the political power to allow different points of view. So, the nice thing with being in a politically diverse community is multiple points of view are available, the challenging part is dealing with political bias. Continue reading


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School Is the Perfect Setting for Political Discussions


By Caitlin Marsch, Current Staff

“As long as there weren’t any politics involved, I support you. Politics don’t belong in school.”

These were the words my father said to me after I participated in the National School Walkout last year, and, like many concerned parents, he was averse to political ideologies being exposed to young minds in a school setting. Continue reading


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America, the Great

The Current is a fantastic way to showcase young talent, and this is no exception.  Taylor Kitzman-Kelley, a Junior at West Bend West High School, has quite the knack for writing.  In response to a documentary seen in her U.S. History class, on Nike’s Indonesian sweatshops (shown below), Taylor wrote this emotional poem:

America, the Great

I pledge allegiance to the flag,

and to those who work but still aren’t fed.

Who strive to keep their families healthy,

20 cents a day, working for the wealthy.

And to the kids, whose feet are blistered and bruised,

from the lack of money, can’t even afford used shoes.

To those who cry from the piercing hunger,

while the rich sleep peacefully in their slumber.

And to those who barely have enough,

to even afford the basic stuff.

To your flag, we pledge justice and liberty,

so how come the struggle in all those countries?

You’re America! The great, the loyal, the strong,

so why aren’t you helping these countries along?

You know of the pain and the suffer they face,

but America stands still, just holding your place.

America, you talk justice and liberty for all,

so don’t sit back, watching your brothers and sisters fall.

While you sit on your wealth and eat all your food,

parents work hard so their kids aren’t nude.

Losing tradition and family due to parents being away,

working hard day ‘n’ night so their families can stay.

In that piece of crap building you’re calling their homes,

but really aren’t, ‘cuz they’re government owned.

Those families, they dream of a better tomorrow,

leaving their countries behind, America, its you they follow.

But only to get here and be taken for granted,

forced into tenements and leaving work empty handed.

America, I refuse to pledge to you,

and to your flag, the red, white and blue.

‘Cuz you stand for nothing we pledge for everyday,

there are no actions being taken, these are just words you say.

America, straighten up, for you’re tying your own noose,

you may have only been joking, but didn’t leave room to let loose.

I pledged to you once, but now I refuse,

there’s people out there struggling, now don’t sit back and act amused.


~Taylor Kitzman-Kelley


“Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh” is a documentary that brings labor issues of today to light.  Please watch the documentary below (Credit: TeamSweat) and visit this group’s website to show your support.

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