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It’s in Their Blood

When the Blood Center of Wisconsin asked for help, WBHS anatomy students answered the call

By Priyanka Trivedi, Current Staff

As southeastern Wisconsin is running low on blood, the West Bend High Schools’ anatomy classes are coming to the rescue.

After Slinger High School dropped out of their annual blood drive due to construction at their school, West Bend science teachers David Clark and Kara Petzold decided to create a blood drive revolving around the anatomy classes they teach. Each student in anatomy class is responsible for bringing at least one person to donate blood, taking over Slinger High School’s obligation of donating at least 100 pints of blood to the Blood Center of Wisconsin. Continue reading

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West Bend Theatre Company Begins Its Christmas Future at WBHS

‘A Christmas Carol’ is coming to the Silver Lining Arts Center

By Sydney Spaeth and Priyanka Trivedi, Current Staff

After seven years of performances at the Masonic Lodge, the West Bend Theatre Company is moving its annual production of “A Christmas Carol” to the West Bend High Schools.

By joining with WBHS, the producers hope the show will become an annual fundraiser for high school students. Fifty percent of the proceeds from “A Christmas Carol” will benefit WBHS choir students by allowing them to travel and produce high-level musicals and performances. Both the directors and students participating in the performance are excited to see how the show will turn out now that it has been moved to the high school. Continue reading

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Beloved Principals Honored

By Priyanka Trivedi, Current Staff

Two conference rooms at West Bend High Schools have been renamed after two former principals.

Mary Skalecki and Patrick Gardon were both honored by having conference rooms inside West Bend High Schools named after them in the fall of 2016. The Skalecki conference room is located outside the main office while the Gardon conference room is in the attendance area.

“The conference rooms dedicated are the two most visible conference rooms,” said Ralph Schlass, a current assistant principal who worked with both Gardon and Skalecki. Continue reading

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