Beloved Principals Honored

By Priyanka Trivedi, Current Staff

Two conference rooms at West Bend High Schools have been renamed after two former principals.

Mary Skalecki and Patrick Gardon were both honored by having conference rooms inside West Bend High Schools named after them in the fall of 2016. The Skalecki conference room is located outside the main office while the Gardon conference room is in the attendance area.

“The conference rooms dedicated are the two most visible conference rooms,” said Ralph Schlass, a current assistant principal who worked with both Gardon and Skalecki.

The conference rooms were named to recognize two former principals who during their careers made a lasting impact on WBHS.

“It is an honor to be a part of the living history of East High School in having a conference room bear my name,” Skalecki said. “It is my hope that the Skalecki Conference Room will be an environment where open and respectful discussions lead to decisions that benefit the extraordinary students and staff at the West Bend High Schools.”

A statement from Gardon was not available.

Skalecki began working at East High School as an assistant principal in 1988. The following year, Skalecki began her position as head principal of East. Skalecki made great impacts on the school. She upgraded the technology available at the schools, created the Career Center and worked to improve student performance in areas such as reading and writing. After working at East for 16 years, Skalecki retired in 2004.

Gardon began working at West High School as an assistant principal in 1987. Ten years later, Gardon became head principal of West. As principal, Gardon made positive impacts for both staff and students. He was also known for his positive attitude that was apparent every day. After working at West for 25 years, Gardon retired in 2012.

Gardon is enjoying retirement in the local area.

Currently, Skalecki lives in Chippewa Falls and serves on a board of the Chippewa Falls School District that provides scholarships to graduating seniors.

(Photos by Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief.)

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