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School Stench

What caused the foul smell that had students and staff squeezing their noses?

By Mike Smale, Current Staff

Was it a stink bomb set off by a freshman?  Or was it a sewage backup?  Maybe it was simply a very unclean bathroom. Whatever it was, everyone smelled it.

On Tuesday, March 11, a striking smell wafted throughout East and West High. Many students and teachers were disturbed by its mysterious presence. Continue reading

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The Current View: Teacher Surveys

How do you feel about the new surveys that give
students a chance to rate their teachers?

Taylor Berndt“I think that the teacher surveys aren’t that great. Students all have different views on what a ‘good’ teacher is, and I don’t think it’s fair for teachers to take those hits. Plus, it’s a huge waste of class time. If someone doesn’t appreciate something a teacher is doing, talk to the teacher personally or talk to a counselor or principal.”
Taylor Berndt, East senior

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