The Current View: Teacher Surveys

How do you feel about the new surveys that give
students a chance to rate their teachers?

Taylor Berndt“I think that the teacher surveys aren’t that great. Students all have different views on what a ‘good’ teacher is, and I don’t think it’s fair for teachers to take those hits. Plus, it’s a huge waste of class time. If someone doesn’t appreciate something a teacher is doing, talk to the teacher personally or talk to a counselor or principal.”
Taylor Berndt, East senior

Logan Dommisse“I think the surveys help give students peace of mind about issues with their teachers. My only concern is that I don’t think many issues will be fixed just because we filled in bubbles on a scantron sheet. Teachers should be held accountable for changes.”  
Logan Dommisse, East junior

Marlo Kastner“I hate them. They are a waste of time and energy. Our classes are shortened this year and the fact that the administration keeps adding fluff activities like the teacher surveys shows us students that a number or score is more important than our actual learning.”
Marlo Kastner, East sophomore

Tess Tranel“I have been giving teachers all fours, because I feel incompetent telling teachers how they should teach when they have had years of college education while I have not yet completed my secondary education.”
Tess Tranel, West senior

Briana Kruetzer“I walk into class expecting to get to work and have time to talk about homework, but since Monday I have been doing nothing but teacher surveys. I honestly think it can be good, because it can enlighten the board on what the teachers offer the students all day, every day in the class, and not just in front of their face.”
Brianna Kreutzer, West sophomore

Tanner Gabel“I believe that the teacher student surveys are very beneficial to the student body and the administration. It gives us a chance to connect to the teachers and give feedback.”
Tanner Gabel, West sophomore

Interviews and photos by Trina La Susa, Current Staff

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