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Grateful for Teachers and Staff


Each morning, 7,000 students go to one of the 12 public schools in the West Bend School District. Once inside, they begin their learning day and are supported by the most dedicated and hardworking staff around. This year, teachers in West Bend and around the state are working harder than ever to meet the new expectations of education. Our teachers and staff are answering the call and are delivering the highest levels of instruction for your children and grandchildren.  Continue reading

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Ms. Noonan’s Cell Song Reformed

By: Jenise Fehring


Learn all about it in the video below!

Have you ever learned something through a song?  Well Ms. Noonan, a West Bend East science teacher, teaches her students the “Cell Song” to the tune of “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I had Ms. Noonan for Biology my sophomore year here at East, and I still can remember our class learning and playing the instruments to help us learn.  She is nice enough to bring in her son’s toy instruments so that her students can use them to perform and get extra credit.  Yes, I did say extra credit!  She gives you points to sing and perform this in front of the class!

This year one of her students took it to the extreme and composed his own song to fit the lyrics of the “Cell Song”.  Then, three students performed the song in front of the class.  It was nice to hear a different ensemble of music for this song that helps kids learn about cells.  Also, it is nice that other students are getting involved in their classrooms.

Here you can see the students perform their song!

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The New Sub

By: Jenise Fehring

Mr. Packer man himself

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Butters on his new job as a district substitute. He has been teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biology classes for the past seven weeks!

Q1: Why did you get into teaching?

My family has teachers in it, and I like coaching.

Q2:  What do you like about your job?

Every day there is something new.

Q3: How do you like teaching in West Bend?

Awesome! The people here are very helpful, and the kids are fun!

Q4: What will you miss about our Human Anatomy and Physiology class the most?

Getting made fun of everyday in class, also, it’s very easy going and relaxed, they weren’t too serious.

Q5: Will you come back and substitute for us?


Q6: Why are you so obsessed with the Green Bay Packers?

Because John Kuhn is the coolest person.

Q7: Who is your favorite Packer player?

John Kuhn! He is amazing and a really cool person.

I met him and he was cool.

Q8: Who were some of your role models?

I had good high school teachers. My mom was a teacher, and I mostly looked up to a lot of teachers.

Q9:  What is your most memorable moment of teaching?

Doing the Sprite and Banana challenge in front of 7th hour!

As you can see, Mr. Butters really enjoyed teaching us! He is a great teacher, and I hope to have him for more classes in the upcoming year! We will miss you Mr. Butters!

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