Grateful for Teachers and Staff


Each morning, 7,000 students go to one of the 12 public schools in the West Bend School District. Once inside, they begin their learning day and are supported by the most dedicated and hardworking staff around. This year, teachers in West Bend and around the state are working harder than ever to meet the new expectations of education. Our teachers and staff are answering the call and are delivering the highest levels of instruction for your children and grandchildren. 

This week is American Education Week. Please join me in thanking our teachers and staff who dedicate their heart and soul each day to the children of our community. Every school day our teachers and staff work to support the learning needs of our children, but they also work each evening planning, correcting, meeting or coaching. They use their own resources to support the needs of our neediest and they dedicate their weekends to preparing for the coming school week.

Please thank a teacher or staff member this week with a simple note or a story of how they’ve made a difference.

Every minute in a classroom in the West Bend School District a teacher or staff member is inspiring, guiding, coaching, caring for and nurturing the future of a child. They deserve our gratitude.

Ted Neitzke
Superintendent, West Bend School District

The Current welcomes submissions from all students, faculty, administration, and community members, but reserves the right to edit for length or content.  Any column, editorial, or letter to the editor expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the entire staff.

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