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Millonig’s Moment


Retired teacher keeps making his mark

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

The left brain and right brain merge seamlessly to create Bill Millonig, former East math teacher and current artist.

In August, a painting by Millonig was chosen as the winning trout stamp for 2017. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources holds yearly contests for the stamps, which residents must purchase to hunt or fish the particular species. Continue reading

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The Current View: Summer Highlights

What’s the most interesting thing you did over summer?

KristenBecker“This past summer we took a two-week road trip out to the East Coast.  So we went to Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., and Boston, and New York City. And we went to see a play on Broadway, and we took a tour of the White House and got to pet the president’s dog, which was awesome. And then one of my children ate too much really expensive frozen yogurt and vomited in the intersection of Central Park, so it was a good time.”
Kristen Becker, English teacher

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Cheating Scandal Rocks Advanced Placement Math Class


By Miranda Paikowski, Current Staff

Cheating is never a smart move, but it’s especially unwise to attempt to fool a statistics teacher.

Rebecca Carmichael, a West math teacher, unraveled a cheating scandal in her AP Statistics classes in January. The scandal resulted in at least 22 students being accused of using an answer key found online to better their semester exam, and every AP Stats student was required to retake the assessment. Continue reading


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