The Current View: Summer Highlights

What’s the most interesting thing you did over summer?

KristenBecker“This past summer we took a two-week road trip out to the East Coast.  So we went to Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., and Boston, and New York City. And we went to see a play on Broadway, and we took a tour of the White House and got to pet the president’s dog, which was awesome. And then one of my children ate too much really expensive frozen yogurt and vomited in the intersection of Central Park, so it was a good time.”
Kristen Becker, English teacher

ToddBrahm“I threw an 11-day party down at the Summerfest Grounds for 100,000 of my favorite friends. The party is called Summerfest, maybe you saw me there.”  
Todd Brahm, math teacher

AndreaGehrke“I was blessed to be able to have my oldest son get married this summer and take my family out to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. It was beautiful and amazing and we had a great trip.”
Andrea Gehrke, library technician

JessicaFlitter“I did the AP reading [of the AP psychology tests]. I spent a lot of time in the Dells, I read a really good book called Moon Walking with Einstein, best book ever. It is about how to improve your memory.”
Jessica Flitter, social studies teacher

Bill Albrecht“Summer started out well. We had our West baseball team, and our guys played well and they finished with a record of 27-3. In the middle of the season, I blew out my pitching arm, so for the second half of the year I could not even throw a ball or lift things, so I ended up having reconstructive elbow surgery, which was not fun in the middle of summer when you want to be out doing fun things and running and biking, etc. That is the way the cookie crumbles, so we deal with it.”
Bill Albrecht, English teacher

MikeKieser“I spent most of my summer umpiring high school baseball games. And unlike being in school, I am totally in control and so I show up, I work for two hours, and then I go home. It’s the perfect way to spend the summer.”
Michael Kieser, social studies teacher

Interviews and photos by Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief.

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