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Classroom Showers

English classroom at WBHS was flooded last week

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

The weather has been quite ambitious this winter, what with the cold snaps and heat flashes, not to mention the indoor rain.

West Bend West High School English teacher Tiffany Gitter encountered a surprise Jan. 22 when she walked into her classroom and found a pool of water, due to a leak in the middle of the ceiling. She experienced a similar leak during her first year of teaching, but the leak had remained dormant since 2014. Continue reading

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Indoor Weather

Why is there a steady drip in the hallway every time it rains?

By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

Contrary to the belief of some students at the West Bend High Schools, the garbage can in the hallway by West Library is, in fact, not for garbage. Continue reading

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The Physics Egg Drop Is Toast


By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

According to WBHS tradition, this time of year means milk cartons being dropped 50 feet from the roof of the auditorium.

This tradition was a project done for physics class. Students were required to construct a protective system in a milk carton that would keep an egg, which was placed inside, from breaking. They could use whatever materials they wanted, but many students opted to use packaging materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts. Other students got more creative, using jell-o, shampoo, or even tomato sauce.

But now, for the first time in over 30 years, the egg drop has been canceled. Continue reading


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Taking Out the Trash Bins


New custodial policy upset some teachers

By Holly Williams, Current Staff

This year, teachers returned from spring break to find that their classrooms had been raided: some of their usual garbage cans were missing.  Surprisingly, this was not the result of a prank. Continue reading

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