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Catching Up With Zappia

By Caitlin Marsch, Current Staff

Over the years, many West Bend High Schools students and teachers alike have learned in Tony Zappia’s classroom. Now, a new generation of students in Madison are experiencing his teachings.

After teaching history, government, War and Peace, and global studies courses at West Bend West High School for 20 years, Tony Zappia moved to Madison, Wisc., and has been teaching at Madison West High School for the past 16 months. The Current caught up with him to have a discussion about his new experiences living and teaching in Madison. Continue reading


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Staff Members Learn New Safety Plans

West teacher leaps into action during faculty meeting

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

It’s not every work day that Aaron Paulin must rescue two English teachers.

Paulin, a West Bend West High School social studies teacher, was seated near the front at the March 3 teacher in-service, and when presenter Ted Hayes wielded a mock weapon, instinct told him to act. Continue reading

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The Magic of Giving


By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

Unlike a wizard, you don’t need a wand to save lives, just a needle.

The West Bend High Schools’ Student Council hosted a blood drive Wednesday with the BloodCenter of Wisconsin. It was held in the south gym, with students, teachers, and community members all coming in to donate blood.

The blood drive has been held in years past, but this year StuCo added some extra spirit by creating a Harry Potter theme. For Kelly Sorce, a family and consumer teacher and StuCo adviser, it was a dream come true. Continue reading

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The Long Walk: In Conversation with Anthony Anderson


Local veteran will appear at Monday’s film screening at UW-WC

By Allison Trampe, Current Staff

Some people know Anthony Anderson as a neighbor, some as a war veteran. Others know him as a lead in the new documentary “Almost Sunrise.” Continue reading

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Wall of Honor Recognizes Local Veterans

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

East social studies teacher Scott Mindel believes that veterans are not given the respect they deserve nationwide. Compelled by this, he has constructed a Veterans Tribute Wall and video.

The Veterans Tribute Wall is filled with the names of approximately 325 veterans who have also been either students or staff members at the West Bend High Schools.  Mindel says that there are still countless more names to be found. The Veterans Tribute video features around 170 pictures, but Mindel is still looking for more. Continue reading

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Paix for Paris


West Bend students try to process the Paris attacks

By Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief

The global community stopped and watched in horror as the events unfolded last Friday in Paris. The world joined together to show support, and the West Bend High Schools both felt the shock waves of terror and the desire to gain understanding.

Conversations to digest Friday’s events fit into the curriculums of French teacher Christie Fischer and social studies teacher Tony Zappia. Continue reading

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A Helping Hand for a Broken Leg

Marco Lisius

Marco Lisius shows off his broken leg while speaking to French students.
After learning of his injury, students raised $1,000 for Lisius and
the orphanage that he runs in Haiti.

 By Ben Johnson, Current Staff

After dedicating a large part of his life to helping people, Marco Lisius was the one desperately in need of assistance while visiting West Bend last fall.

Lisius is the head of the MABO Orphanage in Haiti. In September, he came to the West Bend High Schools and visited the French classes because he is from Haiti, a French-speaking country.

But on September 29, he suffered an injury while playing soccer with West social studies teacher Tony Zappia, who was hosting Lisius at his home.

Continue reading

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