S.W.I.M. at West Bend High

By: Selena Gonzalez

work study

There is a program at West Bend High School called S.W.I.M. (Student Work Incentive Method).  This isn’t your typical class where you sit and get worksheets.  You are working and getting credit for it.  S.W.I.M allows you to get school credit, if you are credit deficient, and gives you the freedom to have a real life experience in the work force.

To do this program, you should talk to your teacher and employer to see if you are eligible.  If you are accepted, then go to your teacher once a week to get the S.W.I.M. sheet.  On this sheet, you need to write down the hours you worked and then each week you will add them up.  You also need to be a junior or senior to take this class.

I recommend this program for juniors and seniors that are credit deficient and looking for something different.  This is a positive program because you get credit for having a job.

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