Second Chance program gives student a new life

By: Terri Currin

When you don’t have anywhere to go, where can you turn? The Second Chance program can help you get back on your feet and steer you on the right path.

Second Chance is a program that gives young people, who are struggling to survive in school, another chance to make something out of their life. Victor, a young man who didn’t know where to go, was confused in this life and didn’t feel like he fit in at school.  If he wasn’t at school, he was in the streets; if he wasn’t in the streets, he was sitting at home. Victor was on the road to just saying, “ forget school,” and, “ I can make a living on my own.” Luckily, Victor realized what road he was going on and stopped before it got worse. That’s when Victor joined the Second Chance Program to better his life and his future.

Victor feels that the Second Chance Program has benefitted him. “I could get my high school diploma, and also have the strength to stay in school and off the streets.  The Second Chance Program is a great experience. I couldn’t be any happier about this. The reason why I choose this path is to better myself and also to brighten my future.”

Every kid goes through some rough patches in their life, but that does not mean that you just give up. What it means is that you keep moving forward with your life because you can’t change what happened yesterday, but you can better today. In the past, Victor often missed school. Since being enrolled in Second Chance, he has not missed one day of school.

I’m on that path to lifelong success. The message that I want to give to young people that are going through a similar situation is this: Even though it seems like no one cares, look again. Everybody cares. They may not show it as much, but they do. People wanted to see me succeed in life, and people want the same for you too.

The Second Chance Program has changed Victor’s life around in many positive ways. Victor not only goes to school and work, but he is enjoying what he is doing. Victor loves how he has come from nothing to something. You can do the same. Just remember when it all comes down to it, YOU have to make the first step in life to better YOUR future.

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