New Coldplay Is Old-Spirited

Tuned In LogoMost listeners know Coldplay from their famous past, from Viva la Vida to their latest album, Mylo Xyloto. Their unique mix of pop and alternative rock gives them a distinct sound that sets them apart from all the other Britpop bands.

What I am most excited about concerning Coldplay is their new album Ghost Stories, which comes out May 19 here in America.

They have already released two songs, “Magic” and “Midnight.” Both of these songs show a new spin on the many versatile styles Coldplay uses. I have great expectations for this new album, because I can see from just these two amazing songs that it is going to be something fresh and exciting.

Ghost_StoriesThe music video starring Chris Martin and Ziyi Zhang (check out some of her stuff) for “Magic” shows a silent film while the music plays in the background. It manages to capture the charming dramatic facial exaggeration required for such films, while adequately displaying the storyline of a young magicienne, her assistant, and her alcoholic but famous husband. The video is a new spin for Coldplay, and refreshingly old-spirited with lively, upbeat music.

I predict Coldplay has made a big step in musical success in Ghost Stories, and with the promising talent already shining through these two amazing songs, I hope the potential this album could hold won’t go untapped. Be prepared, past Coldplay lovers, for a new buoyant yet old-styled sound.

If you’re skeptical of their new muse after hearing these two (amazing) early releases, or if you love them and want more, check them out! May 19!

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.


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2 responses to “New Coldplay Is Old-Spirited

  1. Love, Love, Love Coldplay!
    Hope they tour close by with this new album!

  2. Michele, what a wonderful article! I agree with your critique of Coldplay; they are one of my favorite bands!

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