Photos: Stunts in the Fieldhouse

Students enjoyed the stunts of professional BMX riders while learning about the dangers of bullying at a school-wide assembly on Monday.





(Photographs by Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief.)


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One response to “Photos: Stunts in the Fieldhouse

  1. Sally Heuer

    I enjoyed the stunts performed by the members during the presentation, but found it difficult to hear the message. One angle that I haven’t seen mentioned is that, the emcee was a former West Bend High School student. Micah Kranz, the emcee, developed an interest in BMX biking back in middle school during a time when BMX biking was not really looked upon as being a cool thing. He and his group of friends continued on despite the fact that others found it dumb. Micah stuck with his avid interest and has gone on to making his passion his life’s work. Now THAT is a true message of resiliency and rising above what others think!

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