Oh, Deer

East athletes witnessed a startling event

By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

The track workout for East runners Alli Trampe and Cassie Bodart took a dramatic turn on Friday.

Trampe and Bodart were running on River Road around 7 p.m. when the pair spotted a deer coming from the cornfields heading towards the road.

“I grabbed her [Bodart’s] arm and pulled back and we stopped and watched. It was like slow motion, and the deer went out in the road,” said Trampe.

It didn’t end well.

“The car on the first side of the road stopped for the deer, and the other car just went right through and you could hear the crunch of the body, you could see the twisting of the legs going up while the body was still down. And then there were car pieces everywhere, and fuzz in the air from the deer,” said Bodart.

“It was like slow motion.”
– Alli Trampe, East junior

The runners were shocked to be the witnesses of such a gruesome incident, and Bodart was so saddened by the event that she started crying. The pair were also surprised that the driver did not even stop to investigate what he or she had hit.

“They had to know that they hit it. It was on their windshield and there were pieces everywhere,” Trampe said.

The car did not fare very well, but the fate of the deer was even worse.

“It had to die. I saw it the next morning, and it was pretty dead,” Trampe said.

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  1. Poor dear. Poor girls. Sort of bothering that the car didn’t stop.

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