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Band of Neighbors

West Bend’s Charity Week will help fund a 9/11 memorial in nearby Kewaskum

By Grace Peplinski, Current Staff

The rumors were floating around school: Was West Bend really inviting Kewaskum to its charity dance? And was it because of low turnout in the past? Continue reading

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Why Wasn’t 9/11 Memorialized This Year?

By Elise Marlett and Lauren Oppermann, Current Staff

September 11, 2018 seemed just like any other day for students at West Bend High Schools.

Many students and teachers were surprised when 9/11 was not given a schoolwide memorial last Tuesday. In previous years, an announcement was read over the PA system or articles retelling the devastating story were handed out to students. Continue reading


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We Promised Them We Would Remember

(Video: Paul DeLain, West science teacher, shares his thoughts about why it’s important for high schoolers to remember 9/11. Interview by Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief.)

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The Children of 9/11 Are Not Children Anymore


Sorensen_YokesPhotographyBy Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief

Every generation endures one. A moment in history that the mere mention of prompts a flow of what one was doing when they found out that the world stopped turning.  A moment that prompts this response, and resounds as a day we as Americans were reminded of the fragility of life, is Sept. 11, 2001.

The nation watched in shock and terror as symbols of American prosperity crumbled and 2,977 Americans lost their lives.

Moving forward from 9/11, Americans came together to remind both the world and ourselves what it means to come together as a nation.  A patriotic spirit swept through every main street of every city in every state.  Flags flew and trumpets played as patriotism soothed wounds and American heroes were laid to rest.

Fourteen years later, the effects of this American catastrophe are still felt. Continue reading


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