We Promised Them We Would Remember

(Video: Paul DeLain, West science teacher, shares his thoughts about why it’s important for high schoolers to remember 9/11. Interview by Lauren Sorensen, Editor in Chief.)

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  1. Patricia J. McIntyre

    I was very proud of my 6th Hour English III class, especially student Kaitlyn Holbrook, who asked why nothing was said about 9/11 over the announcements. After discussing how important it is to remember and recognize the first responders, the victims, and the survivors of that day, Kaitlyn said, “Ms. Mac, could you please just send an email to the administrators right now and ask them to say something over the PA at the end of this hour?”

    Some of the others in the class were skeptical, stating that “the administration never listens to us,” but I sent the email anyway. At the end of 6th period, Mr. Schlass made the recognition announcement. I also received four emails from various administrators apologizing for the oversight, and a special note of thanks from Mr. Greymont. Mr. Schlass personally came upstairs to my classroom to express his thanks to my Juniors for having taken the initiative to raise the question and for asking their teacher to send the email. Students really DO make a difference when they raise questions and point out mistakes in a respectful and appropriate manner. I am very proud of all of them, especially Kaitlyn.

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