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Milwaukee Film Festival Review: Extraordinary Tales


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3

If you’re like me, Edgar Allan Poe is one of your favorite authors. His style of writing and description is so uniquely grotesque, that when filmmakers bring his stories to life, I’m sure they have a tough time getting it all exactly right.

That said, the producers of Extraordinary Tales, a movie playing at this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival, did a great job honoring Poe’s work. Continue reading

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Robin Williams Says Goodbye


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3I’m pretty sure that almost everyone knows the name Robin Williams.

Following his sudden death on Aug. 11, 2014, the world was in shock. He was, and still is, a huge movie icon, someone who will be remembered for years to come. Continue reading

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Bradley Cooper Hits the Bullseye


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3Intense. Scary. Dangerous. Scarring. Real. All the words that describe the duty of a soldier.

To most people back home, when a loved one leaves again, they must think the person goes because they think they owe it to their country. But I think that soldiers do it for a whole different reason. Continue reading


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Treasure the Final Hobbit Movie

Movie Musings - Amber Olson3My precious….

That’s what went through my mind when I got handed my ticket to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the latest and last installment of Peter Jackson’s six Tolkien movies. Continue reading

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Hungry for a Heroine


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3Who all went this weekend to see Mockingjay—Part 1? I may have…twice already.

In one of the ending scenes of Catching Fire, the previous entry in the Hunger Games series, Katniss is carried away to District 13 by hovercraft. She is barely conscious, but she doesn’t mind. She thinks that she helped everyone to have a better tomorrow, and that is just fine with her; she is ready to die. But the directors were very clever in the way Katniss was carried up. They had the hovercraft’s “talons” pick Katniss up under each arm, making her look like she was Christ being crucified; a sacrifice for the good of the people.

And that is exactly what Katniss is willing to be during all of Mockingjay—Part 1. Actually, during one of the scenes discussing if she should go into combat, the president of District 13, Coin, asks, “And what if you get killed?” Continue reading

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Jigsaw, Freddy, Leatherface: It’s Tradition


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3Blood, guts and glory, right?

That’s exactly what Jigsaw, the main character from the Saw movie series, thinks. He’s a cold-blooded serial killer who conjures up more puke-worthy torture devices and procedures for each new movie and everyone I know loves the film franchise. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love Jigsaw?

But the real question is why? Now that the original Saw has turned 10 years old—and has returned to area theaters this weekend to celebrate the anniversary—perhaps it’s time to ask why people like to see actors portraying all of those gory and sinister “games.” Continue reading

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Film Festival Review: The Nightingale


Movie Musings - Amber Olson3Personally, watching movies that are not big-budget cinematic experiences has never appealed to me. But when I heard about the Milwaukee Film Festival, I became intrigued.

The festival, which ended Thursday, is a great way to experience new and alternative movies that will never play at the Paradise Theater. Each year the Milwaukee Film Festival has hundreds of different movies showing at different times, even late into the night (or morning, if you will). Continue reading

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