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It’s Garbage Time

Students can help custodians by properly using the trash and recycling bins

By Elise Marlett and Noelle Mentch, Current Staff

Custodians at the West Bend High Schools may be working harder to protect the environment than students realize. Continue reading

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Taking Out the Trash Bins


New custodial policy upset some teachers

By Holly Williams, Current Staff

This year, teachers returned from spring break to find that their classrooms had been raided: some of their usual garbage cans were missing.  Surprisingly, this was not the result of a prank. Continue reading

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Who Does Number Two Work For?


The men’s restroom near the East social studies hallway has recently been the scene of several mysterious scatalogical crimes.

By Mike Smale, Current Staff

School bathrooms have always been scary to germ-fearing students. However, school bathrooms in the last month have not only gotten grosser, but also weirder. Continue reading


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Student Desk or Petri Dish?


Kim Barrett, English teacher, wipes the student desks in her classroom.

By Natalie Wanasek, Current Staff

It’s not unusual for English teacher Kim Barrett to finish the school day by reaching for a surface cleaner. In fact, Barrett provides sanitizer and Clorox wipes for her students to use if they should find the need to clean off their desk.

“It seems like the desks haven’t been cleaned much at all this year.  I know they have, it’s just very sporadic,” said Barrett. Continue reading

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