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Tooting Our Own Horn: NEWSPA Awards 2017


Bensen leads with four awards

The West Bend Current set a school record with 21 individual awards from the Northeastern Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association in a statewide contest for high school journalists. Continue reading

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Talent, Discipline and Plenty of Snow

Sarah Devenport, photo by Steve Davis

Devenport’s work ethic earned her a state championship

By Anthony Schlass, Current Staff

During her junior season, West skier Sarah Devenport won the girls giant slalom state championship in La Crosse with a time of 32.72.

It nearly made her ill. Continue reading

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Whistler’s Bother


What’s the deal with the notorious East Whistle?

By Beth Williams, Current Staff

Walking through the hallways of the West Bend High Schools, one is frequently greeted with a barrage of noises: the slamming of lockers, the whispering of gossip, and the scuffle of students’ shoes as they rush to get to their next class on time.

One of these various sounds, however, has gained quite the reputation. Continue reading

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Ten Days That Shook My World


Confessions of a Teenage Mind

What happens when a high school junior gives up her smartphone?

NO-PhonesBy Isabel Krueger, Current Staff

I had been seeing this everywhere: Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube—people giving up their phones and challenging themselves to be productive for once, or at least since smartphones were invented. I find this ironic, considering I learned about the idea by repetitively clicking on the same apps that I had opened less than one minute before. But why not? After feeling like less than my usual self for the past several weeks, I figured that a detoxifying technology cleanse may be just what I needed, like a cold splash of water in the face.

The Rules

  • I allowed myself email through any desktop computer or laptop for both academic and vital communications.
  • Any use of social media was strictly prohibited. Continue reading


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Find Your Cupcake

Confessions of a Teenage Mind

It’s important to remember to bask in life’s little joys

By Isabel Krueger, Current Staff

It seems that my days are such a rush of commotion that my brain only has time to ask, “Where should I start?,” or, more accurately, “Where am I right now?” Continue reading


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From Switzerland to West Bend

Ski racing team welcomes exchange student

By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

“Where is the hill?,” Camille Kaufmann asked when she discovered that WBHS had a ski racing team.

Kaufmann is a foreign exchange student from Switzerland who grew up ski racing in the mountains of Switzerland, which boasts elevations as high as 15,000 feet. This elevation advantage made Kaufmann stand out during ski practices. Continue reading


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