Perennial Powderpuff Showdown

By: Sophie Aspenleiter

Photo Credit: Danielle Piering

This past Wednesday, September 26, were the annual Powder Puff Games. The final scores were as follows:

6-0 West Freshmen

18-6 East Sophomores

14-8 East Juniors

28-0 West Seniors

I interviewed Megan Stautz (West Freshman) and Rhaea Morgan (West Junior) about their games.

How did practices go?

Megan: They were amazing!

How do you feel the other team played?

Megan: I think they did well, but no one really knew what was going on…

Would you rather have it be tackle football?

Megan: No! The turf hurt so bad!

How well do you think the boys trained you?

Rhaea: I think they did a pretty good job but there were so many of them it got out of control sometimes.

Do you want Powder Puff to be a season long sport, and if so, would you be on the team?

Rhaea: If it was a season long, I would definitely want to be on the team.

Will you do Powder Puff again?

Rhaea: Of course!

It’s safe to say everyone, including the losing teams, had a lot of fun!  Hopefully, next year will be another great one for the East and West Powder Puff girls.

West Juniors huddle up to discuss their strategy

West Juniors with big smiles after a hard fought match

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