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Make Every Day This Summer Count

by Jenise Fehring
volunteerThe school year is winding down, and kids in school are eager to have summer vacation. What are you doing? Going to visit family in a different state? Taking a road trip with friends? Going on a cruise or vacationing at a tropical destination? What are you going to do with yourself for thee months off of school? There are plenty of things to do, but so little time, right? I suggest getting a part time job and make some money; save it for college and maybe spend a little of it on yourself. I would also recommend doing something that you enjoy, but I also say: go volunteer! Continue reading

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Crash Course of Reality

Every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related car crash, and that is just what West Bend high schoolers got a dose of on May 9th,2013. The junior and senior classes at West Bend East and West High Schools participated in the Every 15 Minutes program to increase awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving. It was an emotional two day event that brought the realities of drinking and driving home for participants and viewers alike. The Every Fifteen Minutes video was produced by students in Tim Harder’s Advanced Video Production classes. Please take a few minutes to watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Every Fifteen Minutes Video

Moved by the emotional two days, Junior Taylor Kitzman-Kelley felt inspired to write a poetic piece on her experience that we would like to share with you. Continue reading

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Prom 2013


Prom 2013- for some, it is our first, for some, our last. Whichever it may be, the key is to make it memorable. With all the stress fourth quarter brings, AP tests, ACTs, finals, remember that prom is a night to celebrate. Ring in your last two months with thumping music and flowing dresses. Whether you’re going with a date or friends, make sure this night is one you will never forget.

What can you do to make this night unforgettable? Continue reading

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Hayley Schulz: Bowling Ace


By Jenise Fehring
I had the opportunity to interview Hayley on her life in bowling. She is a senior at East High School. Her and the West Bend East Girls Bowling Team went to state on March 2nd, 2013.

Q1: How long have you been Bowling?
I have been bowling since I was six years old.
Q2: How many times have you qualified for state?
As a team this was the first time a girls team from West Bend has gone. I qualified, sophomore and freshman year individually. Continue reading

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Join Us!

Calling all writers! We are having a meeting this Tuesday, Feb. 19th at 7:00am with Mrs. Steinhaus in room U50. We will be taking our yearbook photo at this time too so look nice!
Oh…and great news…it is not too late to join! Come on in Tuesday morning to get more information.


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The Rivalry Continues

East hosted West in basketball Friday night. It felt like another homecoming because of the great rivalry we have for our schools in sports. Both East and West had a lot of exited students cheering their teams on to victory, but only one of them can win. When we normally play against each other it is usually neck and neck. This time, East lead in points all thoughout the game, while West tried to hang on.wbehmn120512_003-1024x683

Home   Away

East       West

Q1:       9             8

Q2:      26         24

Q3:      42          33

Q4:      59          52

It seems we both have great teams; we have so much talent on both sides.  So while West may have lost this round, there will always be the next rematch on February 12th at 7:30pm in the Field House. I hope to see you there, and I wish all the seniors on both teams good luck to their future, whether they go on further with basketball or not.

By: Jenise Fehring

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Anti-Bullying at West Bend High Schools

By: Sophie Aspenleiter
This past month, West Bend High Schools gave a warm welcome, and goodbye, to Anti-Bullying month!  Anti-Bullying can be anything from stepping into a fight in person or over the Internet.  I’m sure people have seen their fair share of fights and usually it’s physical fighting, but that’s not always true. Our generation is filled with the media venues like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other social networks.  Fights break out on there more than you would think.  Some things people say to each other are triggering too, and some teens kill themselves if it gets too bad.

Amanda Todd reaching out for help

I’m sure you have heard of Amanda Todd, but if you haven’t, she was a teenage girl who killed herself because of Internet bullies.  An inappropriate picture of her circulated around her school and on Facebook.  It got so bad that she couldn’t even go out of her house.  The following week, she committed suicide.
Suicide is definitely not the answer to bullying!  If you feel pressured by a bully, the suicide hotline’s number is 1-800-784-2433.  Anti-Bullying always helps too!  If you see someone getting physically or verbally abused, don’t hesitate to step in or report it to an adult.  You won’t be marked as a “loser” or a “freak.”  If anything, people would probably think what you did was heroic.  Bullying is not okay, and please know it’s more than okay to stop it.

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The New Sub

By: Jenise Fehring

Mr. Packer man himself

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Butters on his new job as a district substitute. He has been teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Biology classes for the past seven weeks!

Q1: Why did you get into teaching?

My family has teachers in it, and I like coaching.

Q2:  What do you like about your job?

Every day there is something new.

Q3: How do you like teaching in West Bend?

Awesome! The people here are very helpful, and the kids are fun!

Q4: What will you miss about our Human Anatomy and Physiology class the most?

Getting made fun of everyday in class, also, it’s very easy going and relaxed, they weren’t too serious.

Q5: Will you come back and substitute for us?


Q6: Why are you so obsessed with the Green Bay Packers?

Because John Kuhn is the coolest person.

Q7: Who is your favorite Packer player?

John Kuhn! He is amazing and a really cool person.

I met him and he was cool.

Q8: Who were some of your role models?

I had good high school teachers. My mom was a teacher, and I mostly looked up to a lot of teachers.

Q9:  What is your most memorable moment of teaching?

Doing the Sprite and Banana challenge in front of 7th hour!

As you can see, Mr. Butters really enjoyed teaching us! He is a great teacher, and I hope to have him for more classes in the upcoming year! We will miss you Mr. Butters!

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Homecoming in Candyland

By: Dakota Mickel

This year’s Homecoming dance was held on September 29th.  This year’s theme came from children’s board game, Candyland.  There was dancing, music, and you can’t forget sugar.  When you first walked into the gym, you were met by a green carpet with giant lollipops; you could feel the music through the floor.  This year’s Homecoming was a blast; it was as if you could feel the positive energy coming from everybody having a great time.  The music was fun and energetic; friends were dancing with friends, not caring what was going on around them, just having a good time.  If you got tired of dancing, you could always go hang out in the cafeteria where there was candy and sugar for all.  Almost every time I was in there, there was a huge line to get something, but there was plenty to go around.  My only suggestion for future dances would be to play more slow songs; there were not enough of them. Overall, Homecoming was a huge success!

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School Spirit Shortage

By: Raelee Ciriacks and Emmalee Ciriacks

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, plaid and stripes, leg warmers, and of course, giant afros. All of these items make up the best part of homecoming: Spirit Week!  Unfortunately, school spirit is vanishing at East and West. How come hardly anyone dresses up during homecoming week these days? There always seems to be plenty of reasons.

Think back to when you were a Freshman.  You probably looked to the upper classmen to see how much people dressed up.  You asked around for ideas on what to wear during spirit week.  You found out that most people didn’t participate in any of the days except for Friday.  Chances were that you followed their example.  If this trend continues, eventually no one will be excited for any of the other days of the week. But if we begin to change the vibe of those days, and set an example for incoming Freshmen, they will follow.  When people begin to get excited for other days, besides just wearing East and West apparel, the amount of school spirit will rise.

Maybe it’s the teachers that intimidate us: their crazy outfits, their weird wigs, their clothing that is probably from high school.  Although we may think that they are strange for dressing up, they outshine us when it comes to having school spirit.  Why do the teachers seem to enjoy spirit week more than we do?  It’s because they understand what Homecoming Week is all about.  We should seize every opportunity to have fun during high school!  If you think about it, high school is one of the last chances we have to dress in super-hero costumes and not have anyone judge us.  When it comes time for your career, it might be hard to find one that will allow you to dress as Buzz Lightyear.

Not dressing up, or participating in Spirit Week, is all too common these days.  Most people feel more comfortable when they have someone to dress crazy with.  Maybe the reason there is such a small amount of spirited people at our school is that we are all stuck in our comfort zones.  Nobody wants to be the only one in their class that dressed up.  Maybe you are thinking that’s exactly why you don’t dress up!  The truth is that those who participate are the people that have the most fun during Homecoming Week.  The pictures on Facebook, the memories of making your own outfit, and the pure enjoyment of being eccentric for a day are the exact reasons why you should dress up next year.  Gather a group of friends and collaborate for Dynamic Duo Day.  Raid your parents’ closets for Decade Day: who knows what you will find!  When you look back at high school, and all of your outfits and hairstyles, what will you smile at?  If you don’t participate in any Homecoming opportunities, then what will your high school memories be of?

Thank you to everyone that participated in spirit week!

Mackenzie Roberts (Grade 10), Emily Frey (9), Courtney Fischer (10), and Ashley Kueper (10) show their East Suns pride!

Shayla McClain (Grade 9) and Erika Tischler (9) show their unified school spirit

Shelly Zancanaro (Grade 10) showing her Spartan spirit!

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Perennial Powderpuff Showdown

By: Sophie Aspenleiter

Photo Credit: Danielle Piering

This past Wednesday, September 26, were the annual Powder Puff Games. The final scores were as follows:

6-0 West Freshmen

18-6 East Sophomores

14-8 East Juniors

28-0 West Seniors

I interviewed Megan Stautz (West Freshman) and Rhaea Morgan (West Junior) about their games.

How did practices go?

Megan: They were amazing!

How do you feel the other team played?

Megan: I think they did well, but no one really knew what was going on…

Would you rather have it be tackle football?

Megan: No! The turf hurt so bad!

How well do you think the boys trained you?

Rhaea: I think they did a pretty good job but there were so many of them it got out of control sometimes.

Do you want Powder Puff to be a season long sport, and if so, would you be on the team?

Rhaea: If it was a season long, I would definitely want to be on the team.

Will you do Powder Puff again?

Rhaea: Of course!

It’s safe to say everyone, including the losing teams, had a lot of fun!  Hopefully, next year will be another great one for the East and West Powder Puff girls.

West Juniors huddle up to discuss their strategy

West Juniors with big smiles after a hard fought match

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East has Enthusiasm!

By: Jenise Fehring

Wow, what a Homecoming Week!  There was lots to do and see, including the pep rally.  A pep rally is an event we use to get ready for the Homecoming game and build school spirit!  We recognized the Fall sports teams and their coaches, as we do each year.  This year, someone won a prize for being excellent; it was part of the new Compass Card Program here at West Bend.  We also got to hear and see some of the band members play a musical selection, and watch the WBE Girls’ Dance team perform their routine, which was pretty neat.  Oh, and let’s not forget, the Senior football players with their starting up chants and clapping!

We had so much fun during the beginning of the presentation, we did not have time for a few things such as: Tug-of-War, a pie eating contest, the Limbo, and the football players doing their dance.

Overall, we had a great pep rally to start off the GREAT WEEKEND!!

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West has Pep!

By: Alyssa Rohleder

Pep rallies are an important part of Homecoming Week, and here is the scoop on West’s Pep Rally!  This special event includes the West student body and staff as they come together before the West v. East Varsity Homecoming game.  During the assembly, there are activities that include: tug of war chants, to see which grade is loudest, introductions of homecoming court as well as the football team’s dance created by the dance team.  This event is usually a fan favorite.  The staff make important announcements such as the new Compass reminders (our positive behavior rewards system).

During the tug of war, the competition came down to teachers v. Juniors.  After an exciting match, the Juniors defeated the staff.  Once again, the Seniors proved to have the most spirit and loudest chanting.  They were rewarded with the West Spirit Stick by the Spartan mascot.  The football dances were a big hit among everyone.  These teams were the Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity football teams.  After the Girls’ Dance Team showed them up, with an amazing performance, everyone left the field house in excitement for the parade, which was followed by the football game and dance.

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Welcome to the West Bend Current!

We are happy to be starting a new page in West Bend High School Newspaper!  We have opted to try out a new eco-friendly blog format this year; we hope you like it.

Through this page, you will be able to stay “Current” on high school and community events, as well as world issues.  We will try to get you the breaking news as quickly as possible so you can stay up to date.

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