West Falls to Wisconsin Lutheran

By: Brandon English


JV has good shooting form but can’t close the deal

Both West Bend West’s JV and Varsity basketball teams got defeated. Already in the first period, Wisconsin Lutheran took an early lead in the West JV game. By the end of the half, the score was 19-43 in Wisconsin Lutheran’s favor. Through the entire game, Wisconsin Lutheran was in the lead. The referees made a few mistakes during the game, which may have accounted for a few points but not all of them. The crowd seemed displeased, and it was a horrible loss to Wisconsin Lutheran. The final score of the JV game was 47-79 Wisconsin Lutheran.

West Bend West’s Varsity did not do a great job in their game either. It seems as though both teams were having an off day. With the final score of the Varsity game being 39-76 Wisconsin Lutheran, we can only hope they put as much soul into the game as they do in practice.

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