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1,000 and Counting

By Alissa Ihlenfeld, Current Staff

The West Bend High Schools have recently seen not one, but two students reach a major milestone in their athletic careers. Continue reading

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Big Week for East vs. West Basketball

“Keep It Riehl Night” gives spectators a chance to win airfare tickets

By Auburn Larson, Current Staff

The traditional rivalry between West Bend East and West High Schools has just become more intense.

Games between East and West, which share a campus, have always meant athletes compete against their biggest rivals: Their classmates and friends. For the current basketball season, scheduling changes mean that these big games are going to happen on back-to-back nights with an exciting varsity doubleheader on Friday. Continue reading

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The Comeback Kid


Odness returns to the court after severe knee injury

By Anthony Schlass, Current Staff

West Bend East senior Elizabeth Odness wasn’t used to becoming emotional before a basketball game. But she had never had to wait six months to play, either. Continue reading

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Baker Dominates the Boards

West ninth grader ranks among the state’s leading rebounders

By Lily Mottet, Current Staff

Maddison Baker never considered that before her first season of high school basketball had finished, she would be ranked as one of the best players in the state.

Baker is a West Bend West High School ninth grader who has become a valuable center for the girls varsity basketball team. Wisconsin Sports Network reports that Baker is the third best rebounder in the state. Continue reading

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Practice Goes Into Overtime

2015.12.02_JuniorSuns (2)

With many teams competing for gym space, some players and parents are unhappy about their team practice schedules

By Allison Trampe, Current Staff

Sixth grader Ryan Roehl comes home from a long, demanding day of school to finally relax and unwind–except for the fact that he has the burden of basketball practice on his shoulders until 9 p.m.

This is the same cycle for the nine other boys on the sixth grade East Junior Suns basketball team. Continue reading

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West Basketball Bounces Past Rule Change

New defense regulation hasn’t been a problem for the Spartans

By Anthony Schlass, Current Staff

Starting a new season comes with adjustments for any team. The 2014-15 West Bend West basketball team is adjusting to a WIAA rule change regarding ball handler/dribbler contact. Continue reading

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Fast Break with Vande Zande

Ben Vande Zande

My Favorite Things - Vande Zande

Thing about having Dad as a coach:  I love every second having my dad as a basketball coach.  He has been my coach since I was in middle school and it hasn’t always been easy, but it has been such a great experience. He has done a great job keeping coach and dad separate, and being able to share our favorite sport together is probably my favorite thing about having my dad as a coach.  I also believe that he has made me better as a player since he pushes me harder than any other coach would. Continue reading

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West Falls to Wisconsin Lutheran

By: Brandon English


JV has good shooting form but can’t close the deal

Both West Bend West’s JV and Varsity basketball teams got defeated. Already in the first period, Wisconsin Lutheran took an early lead in the West JV game. By the end of the half, the score was 19-43 in Wisconsin Lutheran’s favor. Through the entire game, Wisconsin Lutheran was in the lead. The referees made a few mistakes during the game, which may have accounted for a few points but not all of them. The crowd seemed displeased, and it was a horrible loss to Wisconsin Lutheran. The final score of the JV game was 47-79 Wisconsin Lutheran.

West Bend West’s Varsity did not do a great job in their game either. It seems as though both teams were having an off day. With the final score of the Varsity game being 39-76 Wisconsin Lutheran, we can only hope they put as much soul into the game as they do in practice.

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