Techno Fan Surrenders to Pentatonix

Tuned In LogoHow can a completely a cappella group cover songs by Daft Punk, an internationally known techno-based duo?  Pentatonix dared to answer that question.

Pentatonix, a group consisting of five members, is all a cappella, but with an interesting spin.  In a video posted to YouTube in November, they were able to successfully cover Daft Punk’s techno and synthesizer beats using only their voices and two essential additions.  Their special style (first noticed on the TV show The Sing-Off, which returned last week for the first time since 2011) has revived interest in a cappella.

Two key members of the group are the ones who really ensured their positive outcome on their Daft Punk medley.  One is an absolutely incredible beat boxer, and the other can reach bone-chillingly low bass notes.  The three singers along with these two added elements have been able to create a techno-sounding beat.

Their Daft Punk medley went viral and caught my attention.  Since I was a fan of Daft Punk and a skeptic of a cappella, I clicked on the link expecting failure. But I was amazed, from start to finish.  Not only is the singing well done, the music video is intriguing, too.

Pentatonix completely opened up the doors as to what I thought a cappella groups could sing!  I had always thought of a cappella groups as choir groups singing old gospel songs.  Pentatonix took that idea, and flipped it on its head.  They covered Daft Punk, and they did it well.  Not only is the singing done well, the music video is also intriguing.

I loved the ending the most.  In their video, when they went into “Harder, Better, Faster,” their low bass singer hit those incredibly low last two words “never over,” and just like that, it was done.  I had to hit replay again and again.

I was prepared to criticize this a cappella group, but Pentatonix exceeded all expectations and showed me that indeed, techno and a cappella can mix.

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.

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