The Ice Seems Nice

Polar Plunge Logo

West junior raising funds for the Polar Bear Plunge

By Natalie Wanasek, Current Staff

For most people, winter is a time for cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and making snowmen.  However, the one thing West junior Brogan Zochert is looking forward to this February is the chance to jump into sub-zero water.

While this may sound a bit out there, Brogan’s desire to do so is well-founded.  She, along with 6 other WBHS students, are going to take the Polar Bear Plunge on February 15 to help raise money for the 2014 Special Olympics.  This annual event has been a part of Wisconsin culture since the early 1900s, and also takes place in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

For Zochert, though, this is the first time she has ever heard of the Plunge.

“I had volunteered for the Special Olympics over the summer, and they had sent me an email describing the Polar Plunge.  So I thought, why not?  I’m so glad I decided to do it!,” said Zochert.

But in order to get her feet wet, Brogan first has to raise $75.  This is to help continue funding the Plunge for future participants.  To help raise the money she needs, Brogan and the rest of the students involved have started going to local businesses for sponsorship.  All of the money that the participants raise goes to help fund the events in the Special Olympics.

Other West students involved are senior Grahm Schneider; juniors Amanda Kasten, Maddie Sienko, and Anna Duening; sophomore Abby Kerzman; and freshman Abby Ehmke.

Besides having the motivation from her peers to take the Plunge, Zochert also has a great support system within her family.

“This event really hits home for me because I have a brother with special needs,” said Zochert.  “I’ve always wanted to find a way to help people with disabilities, and I think that the Polar Plunge is a great way to do that.”

Brogan will take the chilling challenge at the McKinley Marina on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

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