Seeing Double, Once Again


Twin runners sign with Marquette

By Hannah Johnson, Current Staff

West seniors Aric and Alec Miller have run together, competed against each other, and had classes together for four years. And now, it will be another four years.

Aric and Alec signed to Marquette University for both track and cross country. This continues their lifelong history of being teammates. After debating between other major universities like Minnesota Twin Cities and Madison, the Millers sealed the deal with Marquette. The twins officially signed on Feb. 8.

“It gives us another person to compete against to make us better,” Alec said about being teammates with his brother.

Aric adds, “I don’t notice him too much, he’s like another teammate to me.”

Both twins play it off, yet they have accomplished great things together, going to state in both cross country and track and now having the opportunity to run for a major university like Marquette.

Aric Miller in the middle of his last Port Washington meet.

Aric Miller in the middle of his last Port Washington meet.

“I don’t remember twins both signing at a major college like that before,” said West Athletic Director Scott Stier.  “It’s awesome. I was thrilled that both of them will have the opportunity. It’s great that they can run at Marquette together.”

“It’s going to be just like home,” said Alec.

During the course of high school, Aric and Alec played football their freshmen and sophomore years.  However, they switched to cross country their junior year.

“Doing well in track had a big impact on our choice,” Aric said.

“We knew that we would be more successful with running,” added Alec.

This could not be proven more true. Both had groundbreaking success in cross country, going to state both years and competing at the top of the pack.  Being signed to Marquette was icing on the cake.

“Marquette has exactly what we want,” Alec said about their decision to sign over Minnesota or Madison, which were close runner-ups. Aric said that academics definitely brought them to Marquette.  The school offers both of the majors for the twins. Aric hopes to study finance and math, while Alec wants to major in exercise physiology.

Marquette is also close to home and their older sister, Alyssa, is currently a student there.

(Photographs courtesy of Duenkel Portrait Art.)

Alec Miller crosses the finish line at the Port Washington Meet during his senior year.

Alec Miller crosses the finish line at the Port Washington Meet during his senior year.

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