Is Merging in Stier’s Game Plan?


By Emily Aamodt, Current Staff

Scott Stier, the West athletic director, doesn’t have a definite opinion on whether or not the school board should combine the high schools.

Since he was a student from 1986-1990 and played football, baseball, and basketball, and later served as a coach, it’s clear that West Bend sports have been a major part of Stier’s life for a very long time. He brings a unique and knowledgeable perspective to the question: What will happen to the sports teams if the schools combine?

“There are too many unknowns. But whether it’s one or two schools, we will still be charged with having the same vision and goals,” Stier said.

Having one school will not affect the visions and goals already set, but it could mean one less team for each sport, which could decrease participation. “Perhaps, but the concern is, will the kids come out if they don’t think they’ll get to be on the varsity teams?,” Stier said when asked about the possible decrease.

“There are too many unknowns. But whether it’s one or two schools, we will still be charged with having the same vision and goals.”
– Scott Stier

Yet, in the long run, decreased participation could end up turning out well, especially if the school won more games. Because of the lack of positions open, the teams could be more narrowed down, bringing out the better players.

“You may see skill levels improve, but we may not be competing against the same schools,” Stier said, pointing out that West Bend would play new opponents of similar size.

Although the public debate for whether to combine seemed rushed for some people, Stier said it was enough time.

“It seems a fine timeline; they’re allowing time for community input. From the athletic administration’s point of view, the timeline after that would be more of a concern; getting ready before we open the doors as one school,” Stier said.

(Photo by Emily Aamodt, Current Staff.)

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